PFBI Family Business Leadership Network

PFBI is launching the Family Business Leadership Network, an affinity group designed to develop the next generation of family business leaders in the Pacific Northwest. Our affinity groups in Seattle and Portland will provide a forum for family business leaders to support each other’s professional endeavors in a supportive, interactive, and confidential environment. Members will have opportunities to freely discuss their family business challenges and successes, sharing insights and learning from other members’ experiences.


The purpose of the PFBI Family Business Leadership Network is to foster a supportive, confidential community comprised of non-competing family business professionals who seek to develop the next generation of leaders, better understand the complexities of family businesses, and balance the often-conflicting needs of their families and businesses. 

What sets the PFBI Family Business Leadership Network apart from other affinity groups?

  1. We focus exclusively on family businesses and the personal and professional challenges that arise from intergenerational family dynamics in the workplace.
  2. All our members and facilitators work in the Pacific Northwest, so we understand the local business environment, culture, and the context for operating a family business in Washington and Oregon.
  3. Our experienced facilitators have more than 75 years of professional experience consulting with family businesses and identifying and implementing best practices for conflict resolution, succession planning, and more.


Members meet eight times per year to explore a variety of topics that are relevant to family businesses, such as the business lifecycle, generational dynamics, leadership, conflict resolution, succession planning, and more. Discussions are complemented by experiential learning and opportunities for personal assessment, as well as ongoing coaching and mentoring. Guest speakers and PFBI co-directors attend many of the meetings, each of which is guided by a professional facilitator. In addition, members of the Seattle and Portland groups and their guests are invited to attend two social gatherings each year.


Members are selected through a competitive application process. To be eligible, individuals must be between 25 and 50 years old and currently hold a management role in their family business or be a potential successor of the family business. To protect against any potential conflicts of interest and maintain the highest level of confidentiality, affinity group members may not compete with each other and may not represent the same company. 

The Portland and Seattle programs are each limited to a maximum of 12 participants selected and approved by group members and PFBI management. The $7,500 annual membership fee is payable in quarterly installments. Applications are available online.

PFBI Family Business Leadership Network members feel that they belong! They believe they can benefit from the group and make valuable contributions to it. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact PFBI. We would be happy to answer your questions and/or arrange for you to observe a meeting before making a commitment.